Timothy Thomas De Lessio

American citizen. Has 14 years of experience of DFS, of which 6 years were spent in Hawaii & Mid Pacific and the remainder in Hong Kong. Prior to joining DFS, he worked with Federated Department Stores (Macy’s, Jordan Marsh & Mass Brothers) for 13 years. Now at DFS, he is the President of Global Strategic Store Operations, with the role of formulating and overseeing the strategies for all DFS store operations, in addition to global operations and control, store design, construction and visual merchandising.

The legal basis for the appointment as the Vice President Commissioner was based on notarial deed by Buntario Tigris S.H., S.E.,M.H. no. 63 dated 13 Juni 2013 and subsequently approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number: AHU-AH.01.10-28436 on 12 Juli 2013.

Mr. De Lessio has no affiliation with the members of the Board of Commissioners nor Board of Directors, but is affiliated to the shareholder of the Company.