Jonathan Tahir

Indonesian citizen. He received his Bachelor’s degree from National University of Singapore. Since 2008, he is the Vice President Commissioner of PT. Sejahteraraya Anugrahjaya Tbk. Since 2009, he was one of the Directors of the Company and its subsidiaries. Since 2010, he is the President Commissioner of the Company and its subsidiaries.

The legal basis for the appointment as the President Commissioner was based on notarial deed by Buntario Tigris S.H, S.E., M.H no. 12 dated 5 Juni 2018 and subsequently approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number: AHU-AH.0103-0216266 on 26 June 2018.

Mr. Jonathan Tahir is the President Commissioner of PT. Inti Dufree Promosindo, PT. Arthamulia Indah, PT. Karya Prima Unggulan, PT. Sukses Garda Mulia and PT. Cahaya Retilindo.

Mr. Jonathan Tahir has affiliation with the members of the Board of Commissioners, Directors and shareholder of the Company.

There were no trainings attended by Mr. Jonathan Tahir in 2019.